At TreeUmph! Adventure Course, we offer options for nearly everyone. Check out our course descriptions to choose a ticket for the adventure that’s right for you.

Safety First: Everyone starts out on one of two Harness Courses, where you’ll learn the rules of the park, how to use your climbing gear and our mandatory safety procedures.

Pay Attention: After a brief tutorial, there will be a test!

We’ll ask you to demonstrate what you learned on a low, short course by climbing ladders, crossing a tight rope, completing a monkey bridge and descending a ladder to the ground. Complete your tasks while following all of the safety rules, and our guide will give you the green light to go full-speed ahead on the other courses.

Children’s Ticket (ages 7 to 11)

Junior Ticket (ages 9 to 11)

Adult Ticket (ages 12+)

Senior Ticket (ages 65+)

Children’s Ticket

Kids Will Be Kids Children are natural climbers, so they take to our TreeUmph! games like apes to the trees.

We built our Ape-Up Course especially for children ages 7 to 11. The course is compact, viewable from Base Camp and jam-packed with fun. Kids go wild on our climbing wall, suspended bridges and nets. They roll along cables in our flying wagon, seesaw in the trees and ZIP line back to Base Camp.

And guess what? The Children’s Ticket lets them do it again a second time!

Junior Ticket

All the Fun, Half the Challenge! For adventurers ages 9 to 11, we offer a special ticket to adventure that delivers all the thrills with half the obstacles. Tweens get a great taste of the treetops on our Junior Ticket, a perfect introduction to elevated maneuvering and ZIP lining! This course includes the Climb-On Course, Scramble Course, Ascend Course and ZIP lines.

Climb-On Course: Designed at a minimal elevation and requiring minimal skill, you will enjoy a beautiful canopy of pine and live oak forest while experiencing several types of footbridge games, our little swing challenge and a V-net walkway. Finish the course with a low-speed ZIP line.

Scramble Course: Climb a bit higher for challenges that require moderate skill, designed for just about everyone. Scramble over flat net walkways, hanging barrels, monkey bridges with rope handholds, swinging logs, multi-activity footbridges and two ZIP lines.

Ascend Course: Still at moderate height, but with challenges that will make you sweat. On the ascent you will find footbridges, U-ropes, suspended logs and our primal “Leap of Faith.” Hang onto a Tarzan swing and leap, with a little free-falling and swinging into hanging nets. You can’t get to the Summit unless you first Ascend!

Your Junior Ticket also includes an exhilarating return to Base Camp via TreeUmphant!, our 650-foot-long ZIP line!

Adult Ticket

Challenge Yourself! “A day in the park” means different things to different people. If you’re looking for a whole lot more than a stroll to stretch your legs, you’re in the right place on our Adult Ticket. For guests 12 years or older, this total challenge includes the Climb-On, Scramble Course and Ascend Courses that make up our Junior Ticket, plus the following courses…

Lead Course: Only the best climbers can lead. Take the lead through the most advanced elevated aerial obstacles, including Lumberjack’s Logs, an airborne surfboard and footbridges full of surprises. Dance across the tops of suspended vertical logs, stretch your limit in the Labyrinth, traverse suspended climbing walls, crawl through Rings Passage, ZIP line and swing like a monkey on a vine on Jane’s Rope. You lead, others follow for the chance to Summit!

Summit Course: At some point, every climber must make a choice to turn around or Summit. The Summit Course is EXTREME, and is not for everyone. How high is it? How does 60 feet in the air sound? The eight unique challenges will test your nerves, agility and endurance. You must have the desire, the skill and the strength. More important, you must be chosen. Our guides have the final say on your chance to Summit. They may even put you through our pull-up test to be sure you are capable… and worthy!

TreeUmph! ZIP Line: You’ve completed the course, either all the way to the finish or to your own personal best. Reward yourself on our 650-foot-long ZIP line. Starting at 60 feet in the air, you’ll descend back to Base Camp, relishing your accomplishment and drinking in the thrill of the ride, the view and the cool breeze.

Your Adult Ticket includes all the fun and challenges we offer… come out and make a day of it!

Senior Ticket

You can do it! We encourage seniors to come out and test themselves on all of the courses described above for the Adult Ticket. We’re happy to offer a discount in price, but guaranteed you’ll get the same exciting adventure!

Senior Ticket Options

What a great way to start your day! Adventure packed and filled with excitement, the 8:00am start time is sure to get your blood pumping in the morning.

You’re never too old to retire from treetop adventure! We’re happy to give seniors a discount on price, but guarantee you’ll get the full amount of fun you’re after! .