Tree-Top Adventure Course Coming To Bradenton

By:  in BAYPOP – I’ve never zip-lined, and I hope to remedy that soon. TreeUmph! Adventure Course broke ground on October 11 on a 14-acre property in East Bradenton, kicking off construction for a new recreational venue that’s not like anything else in the Bay area/Gulf Coast. And, I might add, it’s exhilarating to see a new attraction in Florida with an emphasis on nature and physical activity. TreeUmph!, which is scheduled to open in December, will provide an active alternative to walking around looking at stuff made of plastic that looks like rocks. The facility will have five progressively harder courses for adults and children ages 7 and up, catering to a range of skill levels. Participants will make their way along a self-guided adventure tour through the treetops. Challenges include wobbly bridges, hanging nets, bungee swings, a 650-foot-long zip line and other fun stuff. No word yet on whether loincloths will be considered appropriate attire. TreeUmph! (nice wordplay) is located 10 minutes east of I-75 on State Road 70. It’s being built by Outplay Adventures, the New York distributor of Quebec-based TreeGo, an international leader in aerial adventure courses. The Base Camp will include ticket sales, a visitor’s center, snack bar, gift shop and picnic area. Every visitor is required to complete the Harness Course, where they will learn the rules of the park, how to use the climbing gear and the mandatory safety procedures. There will be some height, weight and age restrictions. Pricing will range from $25.95 for the Children’s Course to $34.95 for the Adult Half Course and $49.95 for the Adult Full Course. Special offers and weekday discounts are available. TreeUmp! plans to hire 16 employees by the December opening. The company hired several local business, including Sarasota architect Steve Isaacson, who designed the base camp; Lombard, Foley & Kolarik (Palmetto), which did the site engineering; and Holland Construction (Sarasota), which did site development. The appropriately named Grapevine Communications (Sarasota) does advertising, marketing and PR. Gateway Bank of Southwest Florida provided the financing. Link to original post

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Senior Ticket Options

What a great way to start your day! Adventure packed and filled with excitement, the 8:00am start time is sure to get your blood pumping in the morning.

You’re never too old to retire from treetop adventure! We’re happy to give seniors a discount on price, but guarantee you’ll get the full amount of fun you’re after! .